Prep is a must

Before painting this South Minneapolis house, we had some repair work to do on the stucco. Over time, the temperature extremes that Minnesota sees will cause the stucco to expand and contract, causing cracks to appear. These must be filled before painting, or the paint wont adhere and seal to the stucco correctly, causing it to peel off within a year or two. Tiny hairline cracks can be filled with caulk, but larger ones like these must be filled with a stucco patch. Luckily, we have stucco journeymen who can take care of this and get the project back underway in no time!

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We just finished this basement in Woodbury. There was a water leak that caused damage to the flooring, walls, and trim. #woodbury #mnpainters #twincitiespainters #northpaintingmn #floodcuts #waterdama


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