Color Guide: SW "Making Spaces Tranquil"

So many people ask us for our opinions on colors, and truthfully, although we can give our thoughts, the choice is ultimately yours. Every year, I'm interested to see what the new "it" colors are, and especially what colors were the most popular from the year before. Without fail, I can name the top three colors, because somehow people always seem to latch onto the same few colors each year. I thought it might be helpful for those looking for paint color inspiration if I post the links to some color guides, the first of which is going to be Sherwin's Tranquil Space Guide. It's funny to look at these colors, because two of them on this list are actually in my own home, which we painted over three years ago. Sea Salt is in our upstairs bathroom, and so many people have commented on how perfect it is for a bathroom color, and Daphne is in my son's room, where he calmly sleeps all night (HA! I'm kidding, the kid never sleeps!). It is a nice, soothing color for a bedroom, though. Below is the link for the full list of tranquil and calming colors, so check them out!

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