Carpentry is Important!

A lot of people think that you can slap a coat of paint on something and it will look like new. While it may look better, the structural integrity may not stand the test of time. Its important to fix any issues that may be present before prepping the area. That's why today, I'm buying siding, 5 different kinds of trim, and some framing boards to fix up a garage in Robbinsdale with a fair amount of water damage. We had a rough winter this year and snow sat up against the bottom of the garage and ruined the bottom 1/3 of the boards. It will take some work and patience, but it should be in tip top shape in no time and ready to paint.

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We just finished this basement in Woodbury. There was a water leak that caused damage to the flooring, walls, and trim. #woodbury #mnpainters #twincitiespainters #northpaintingmn #floodcuts #waterdama


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