Be Gone Popcorn!

We started this Minneapolis house this week and the first thing on the list: GET. RID. OF. THE. POPCORN🍿. CEILINGS. Removing popcorn isn't a fun job but it's extremely rewarding. We first had to tape and cover every inch of walls and floor in this study (and living room and dining room). Then we take the Festool sander and sand down all the popcorn texture. Next up, skim coating the ceilings to make sure they have a nice, even finish. After the mud is dry (best to get lunch 🍔 at this point!) then it's time for another sanding, followed by another skim coat to touch up a couple spots. Then another final sanding, and FINALLY, painting! All that sanding is bound to create some dust, and you need to make sure that the tape lines on the walls are nice and straight so that you don't get any paint on the walls. Once again, it's ALL IN THE PREP ✔ It takes time, but it's so worth it!

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We just finished this basement in Woodbury. There was a water leak that caused damage to the flooring, walls, and trim. #woodbury #mnpainters #twincitiespainters #northpaintingmn #floodcuts #waterdama


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